Full name Émilie Mortensen (née Laporte) Other names Ém (by Elliot)
Émilie Cheshire (original surname)
エミリー・ラポート (Emirī Rapōto; Japanese)
エミリー・モーテンセン (Emirī Mōtensen; Japanese)
エム (Emu; Japanese, by エリオット)
エミリー・チェシャイヤー (Emirī Cheshaiyā; Japanese)
Race White Nationality French
Birthdate March 7th, 2044 (♓) Birthplace Ambérieu-en-Bugey, France
Hair color Smokey black Eye color Lincoln green
Height 5'5" (1.65 m) Weight 110 lbs. (50 kg)
Blood type Unknown (contains anitbodies linked to Eclipse Potion) Handedness Left
Personality type tbe Alignment Lawful Good
Sexual preference Asexual Romantic preference Heteroromantic


  • Waitress (formerly)
  • Freelance writer
  • Writing
  • The thought of having sex
  • tbe
  • Genophobia
  • Decent writer
Love interest(s)
  • n/a


altÉmilie grew up in an abusive household. With a mother too cowardly to face up to her mistakes and a father who took out his frustrations on Émilie with his fists, Émilie’s goal from a young age was to escape her life as soon as possible, even if doing so meant abandoning her mother in the process.

Once she was in high school and old enough to work, Émilie got a job as a waitress, and took as many other jobs as she could to make herself a decent income. With her friends’ support, Émilie’s last obstacle was waiting until she could legally move out.

During her time in school, Émilie met a boy named Elliot. They had been made to work together on an assignment by chance, and from the very start, she thought he was so cool, despite the initial impression that he was a cold-hearted asshole who wanted nothing to do with people.

She and Elliot rapidly became closer and closer, until finally they started to date. Right out of high school, the two moved into a house together with help from Émilie’s friends, and soon after they found themselves getting married on a Valentine’s Day.

From here, Émilie convinced her husband to become a Detective, and the two moved to Lyon, where Émilie began to see if she could pursue a career as a writer of French literature.





Defining Features

  • n/a

Common Attires

Casual outfit

  • tbe

  • tbe



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Best color Green Worst color tbe
Best animal Cat Worst animal tbe
Best flower tbe Worst flower tbe
Best food tbe Worst food tbe
Greatest fear Sexual interaction Favorite song tbe
Favorite holiday Valentine's Day Voice actor(s) Robyn Rybnik (2015 - current)
  • She was named by her father after the wife of Elliot Mortensen, but it of course wasn't realized by him that she would be the person he named her after.

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