Full name Flynn Carmine D'Amore (α) Other names Carmine (also responds to)
Peafowl, Peacock (codename)
FERN 1-12α, FERN 1-12A, Marigold Fern 1.492.9-id12a (android model identifier(s), also responds to)
Flynn D'Amore (White Coat), White Coat Flynn, Flynn D'Amore (Alpha/A)
Terrence Carroll (alias)
Fedora, Pretty Boy (by Oasis members)
フリン・カーマイン・ディ・アモールα (Furin Kāmain Di Amōru Arufa; Japanese)
カーマイン (Kāmain; Japanese, 異名)
テレンス・キャロル (Terensu Kyaroru; Japanese, 別名)
Race White (FERN Android [Peafowl]) Nationality American
Birthdate December 12th, 2021 (♐) Birthplace Sandusky, Ohio
Hair color Café noir brown Eye color Grape purple
Height 5'11" (1.8 m) Weight > 1000 lbs (> 453.6 kg)
Blood type n/a (No blood) Handedness Ambidextrous
Personality type INTJ Alignment True Neutral
Sexual preference Asexual Romantic preference Aromantic


Occupation(s) Family
  • Birds
  • Flowers with good connotations
  • Snow/winter
  • The state of Illinois
  • Seeing Cochryn happy
  • Strangers (Paul Cuestro and others from Ohio more than others...)
  • Flowers with bad connotations
  • The state of Ohio (and people from it)
  • Stubbornness/disobedience
  • Ignorance
  • People
  • Knowledge of the language of flowers
  • Able to lift objects as heavy as a car, despite not seeming very muscular
  • Difficulty fitting in sometimes
  • Low emotional intelligence
  • Cannot function in high temperatures or humidity
  • Somewhat overprotective
  • A tad possessive
  • Good with computers
  • Can play the piano
  • Decent at hacking and cracking codes/ciphers
  • Quick learner
Love interest(s)
Affiliation(s) Appearances


altOriginally created by Russell Southwell around 2011 as an experiment in artificial intelligence being used to alleviate his own loneliness and to crack ciphers under the name of Carmine, Flynn didn't begin to gain his own name or personality until after Carmine's existence was threatened in November of 2021 during the Case of The Crimson Suicide. Unable to perceive anything beyond what was told to him by an embittered Southwell, Flynn grew to resent the world, and was shelved for a time to be re-worked later.

When Southwell joined forces temporarily with Prof. Daniel Bennett and Marigold Intelligence in 2022, an agreement was made to cooperate, improve and complete Flynn's code, and to make him an android body to inhabit. It was decided that Flynn's body would be modeled off of Southwell's long-missing best friend, CIA Field Agent Terrence Lyndon, to little protest. But after seeing the results of negative influence from Marigold and learning that the company played a hand not only in the Crimson Suicide, but in the capture, torture, and disappearance of Lyndon, Southwell retracted the project and managed to use the half-completed android for his own purposes. He opted to make Flynn generally pacifistic and non-confrontational so as to prevent what he witnessed from occurring. Though his personality was completely re-worked to be more positive, Flynn still wound up retaining some of his prior, cynical mindset due to rushed coding.

Once completed, he was given the mission of protecting Cochryn Alexander, who Southwell had discovered was an innocent target of Marigold's. After learning everything to know about Cochryn, as he had lived his entire life by that point, Flynn was smuggled into Marigold Point Clover and sent back to October of 2043 to fulfill his mission.


altFlynn is soft-spoken, and as he spends more time with Cochryn, he begins to express vague emotion. He fights whenever he deems necessary, but generally prefers to solve problems peacefully. Though he seems to despise strangers, he tolerates them for Cochryn's sake. He is loyal and obedient to Cochryn, doing as he asks even if he disagrees, unless it goes against his morals. He is moderately caring towards animals, more-so towards birds. Once he starts to show emotion, he reveals himself to be rather loving and kind. He would gladly give his life for Cochryn.

He dislikes and distrusts a vast majority of the human race, holding them in a form of contempt, but he hides this more often than not.


His hair is shoulder-length, café noir in color, and generally parted in the middle. His bangs tend to swing upward and outward at the sides of his head in some sort of fan-esque style. The back of his hair nestles toward his neck before curving into an outward curl, similarly to his bangs. His eyes are a vibrant, grape-ish purple and tend to give off a faint glow in dark lighting (though he can make the glow more vivid at will). He has a soft-ish jawline, but a moderately wide chin. His eyebrows are a bit straighter than is typical. He's about 5'10" (1.8 m) and weighs somewhere over 1000 lbs. (453.6 kg). He is toned, but not necessarily muscular.

He usually wears a fedora and a long coat, though this is less due to personal preference and more due to conditioning.

Defining Features

  • Access port that can be used by a few USB-based devices, behind his right ear, hidden behind hair
  • "Tattoo" of a fern stem on the nape of his neck (can be activated into a set of lights [base/outline] indicating system status)

Common Attires

White Coat

  • Ivory white fedora with gray hat band. In the band are two small, pinnate, light yellow-green fern stems
  • Ivory white coat with gray buttons, ending in length above his knees
  • White dress shirt
  • Shamrock green necktie
  • Gray dress pants
  • Black dress shoes

Dark Coat

  • Shadow gray fedora with gray hat band. In the band are two small, pinnate, light yellow-green fern stems
  • Shadow gray coat with gray buttons, ending in length above his knees
  • White dress shirt
  • Shamrock green necktie
  • Gray dress pants
  • Black dress shoes



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Best color Orange Worst color Magenta
Best animal Bird Worst animal Cat
Best flower tbe Worst flower Monkshood
Best food n/a Worst food n/a
Greatest fear Being responsible for the death of someone he cares for (esp. Cochryn) Favorite song tbe
Favorite holiday tbe Voice actor(s) Anthony Fleece (2016 - current)
  • Due to his admiration of birds, he is "biased against cats".
  • He has a strange preference of states due to his prior state of existential resentment. He likes Illinois, and dislikes Ohio. He can't explain these preferences, but as a result, finds himself automatically detesting people from Ohio.
    • His favorite city in Illinois isn't Chicago, but Aurora.
  • Though his surname should be pronounced "dah-MOHR-ey", he pronounces it "DEE-ah-MOHR". He has no preference over which pronunciation is used, though, and will respond to either.
  • The base samples for his voice were provided (for Carmine, reluctantly) by Terrence Lyndon, before his disappearance in 2014.
  • Despite being an android, he can seemingly learn to feel and express a range of emotions, not just mimic them. Emotions that he's been seen to be able to express at some point are: anger (/frustration), affection, contempt, fear, relief (/happiness), stress, and worry.
    • In later stages of this emotional awakening, he learns to laugh and even cry, although he has no tears to shed.
  • He claims to feel love for Cochryn, though it's hard to tell whether he does, or if his "feeling" is due to his sole purpose in existence being to protect him.
  • He operates on a quantum-computing-based system, but doesn't seem to be very well optimized to it, perhaps due to his origin as a Java-based Windows app. On top of this, he has other issues preventing him from being the best android to come out of FERN Project:
    • He is prone to overheating if exposed to humid summer temperatures.
    • He consciously avoids areas with strong magnetic forces as, at the very least, passing through these would cause him to shut down until moved away.
    • He is waterproof and can swim, but is so heavy that he would ultimately just wind up sinking anyway.
  • Due to being made with a titanium frame, despite his slenderness he can lift the typical automobile with relative ease.
  • Though he does his best to appear human, he shows no interest in sexual/romantic activity, with either sex, of any sort.
  • When nervous, he tends to gaze out of windows.
  • He seems to know some Egyptian Arabic; occasionally, he offends Aten Idris and others in the language. Whether he knows any other languages is unknown, as he does not use any others publicly.

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