Full name Detective Miles Tiernan Quinlan Other names Arlequin (by Simon)
Inquirer Miles Quinlan (alternate title)
Enquêteur Miles Quinlan (French title)
Race White Nationality Welsh
Birthdate August 26th (♍) Birthplace Aberdare, Wales
Hair color Light brown Eye color Blue
Height 5'8" (1.73 m) Weight 127 lbs. (58 kg)
Blood type O+ Handedness Ambidextrous
Personality type tbe Alignment True Neutral
Sexual preference Heterosexual Romantic preference Biromantic


  • Inquirer (rookie)
  • Calvin (pet dog)
  • Chatting
  • Being around friends
  • Thinking of things from a different approach
  • Psyching himself up for a challenge
  • A bit of a blabbermouth at times
  • Has a hard time controlling his temper
  • Not knowing when to bite his tongue
  • tbe
Love interest(s)
  • n/a
  • Police Nationale


altNot all that much is known about Quinlan’s past.

Having once lived in Wales, but now living in France with his dog, Calvin, Quinlan has no significant connections with anyone as far as the Police Nationale can tell. However, his optimism and desire to become a detective are clear, so Mme. Bellamy is willing to give him a chance through a test; if he can work with the ever-cynical Det. Mortensen, he might just have the skill required to work with the force.

Whatever his story, Quinlan is very optimistic for the future, and is more than willing to tolerate Mortensen's pessimism by making himself a good friend.


altTypically outgoing unless he's in a bad mood. Is alright with being the center of attention. Very optimistic. He tends to annoy most people with his flippant personality, but when he finds someone who is able to tolerate them, he enjoys bugging them and trying to become close with them. When he becomes close with someone (or is trying to do so), he isn't afraid to talk about inappropriate or private things with them.

He usually has his head in the clouds, and finds utter realism boring at best.


Lower neck length semi-curled light brown hair. No facial hair. Moderately thin eyebrows, softly arched at outer points. Plush pink lips, upper lip is very thin. Slight wrinkles under eyes. Desaturated dark blue eyes. About 5'8", weighing around 130 pounds. (172.72 cm, 59 kg.) Not very muscular.

Likes turtlenecks, vests, and ties. Often wears gloves, mainly to stop himself from biting his nails.

Defining Features

  • n/a

Common Attires


  • tbe



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Best color Blue Worst color Red
Best animal Dog Worst animal Goose
Best flower tbe Worst flower tbe
Best food tbe Worst food tbe
Greatest fear tbe Favorite song tbe
Favorite holiday tbe Voice actor(s) Trey Silver (2015)
Lewis Thompson (2018 - current)
  • The gun he uses is the SP 2022.

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